Justine Musk Net Worth: $5.2 million

Justine Musk is probably most famous for being the ex wife of entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk but she also has a career of her own. She is writing fantasy fiction and novels for young adults. Her income from book sales and settlement from divorced made for a sizable wealth. As of 2020, Justine Musk’s net worth is approximately 5.2 million US dollars. Check out also the wealth of Elisabeth RiouxJanni Deler, and Marty Caffrey.


Justine was born September 2, 1972 in Peterborough, Canada. She studied English literature at the Queen’s University and unlike many other people with the same college degree major, she actually put her education to use and eventually became a writer. But right after graduation, Justine taught ESL in Japan for a year and she also worked as a bartender while writing on the side.

She published her first book BloodAngel through Penguin Books in 2005. This contemporary fantasy work was followed by Uninvited and Lord of Bones.The fact that Musk did not release any new books lately can mean that she is focusing on her kids now and enjoying the money she received through the divorce settlement.

Family – kids, husband and divorce

She met young Elon after he immigrated to Canada and he, same as her, studied at the Queen’s University. They started dating and they got married in 2020. Although they both wanted a big family, Justine and her husband did not have much luck at the beginning. Their firstborn son died soon after the birth due to sudden infant death syndrome and after this trauma, they had problems to conceive naturally. Musks decided for IVF (in vitro fertilization) and it worked.

Justine gave birth to twins Griffin and Xavier and later also to triplets Damian, Saxon and Kai. Although finally achieving their goal of having a big family, Elon’s and Justine’s marriage didn’t last. After several serious disagreements, they filed for the divorce in 2008.

Justine Musk net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $4.8 million
  • 2018: $5 million
  • 2019: $5 million
  • 2020: $5.2 million

Sources of income, settlement

Despite having some success as an author, Justine Musk earned most of her net worth from the divorce settlement. Elon’s first wife was asking for $80,000 monthly alimony for their 5 kids and she also received a sizable fortune in cash and stocks.

After this messy divorce, Justine opened up about the hardships of their marriage. She said Elon was not treating her with enough respects and among other things he repeatedly asked her to change her hair color to blond. Today, she feels more free and finally able to pursue her own career and life. She also started a new romantic relationship with a man she already knew before the divorce but was keeping it platonic.

Her husband is also doing well. Elon found a new wife (and got divorced again) and he moved closer to his lifelong dream of space travel when he introduced a prototype of space rocket in 2019. His final goal is to put people on Mars.