Reece Hawkins Net Worth: $900,000

Reece Hawkins is popular Instagram fitness star. He is a personal trainer who gained most of his popularity through dating model Tammy Hembrow. Eventually, Hawkins made his own YouTube vlogging channel. He amassed 260 thousand subscribers who have been following his fitness journey. However, his main source of income is his Instagram channel, where he gained almost million subscribers. Reece Hawkins’ total net worth is around 900 thousand dollars in 2020. Check out also how much are similar stars Jay AlvarrezTammy Hembrow, and Janni Olsson Deler worth.

Career bio

Reece Hawkins grew up in Bondi, South Wales. He started his Instagram account back in 2015. Hawkins gained popularity pretty fast from posting about his workouts. He is a personal trainer who knows how to make great workouts for men and women.

He is managed through Neon Model Management in the present. Hawkins gained major boost on his social accounts when he officially stated that he is dating model Tammy Hembrow. The couple did not share onlin just their fitness journey but also their private lives, which brought Hawkins even more popularity.


Reece Hawkins was engaged to model Tammy Hembrow. But eventually the couple parted their ways. Nevertheless, they have two children together, daughter Saskia and unexpected son Wolf. Their split did not go smoothly.

Hawkins accused allegedly his girlfriend from having his Range Rover repossessed and claimed that as a result, he wasn’t in contact with her even though he shares custody of their kids. In the present days, Reece is dating model London Goheen. They both currently work for Influencer Models. Recently, this new couple made a video Quarantine Q&A With My Girlfriend on Reece’s YouTube Channel.

Reece Hawkins net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $550 thousand
  • 2018: $650 thousand
  • 2019: $800 thousand
  • 2020: $900 thousand

Sources of income, salary

Hawkins net worth increased ever since he joined the modeling world. His Instagram account is his main source of revenue. He promotes himself there and shows not just his fitness lifestyle but also his personal life including his kids. Most of his posts include quick workout sessions.

He made lots of quarantine home workout sessions with his girlfriend lately. Reece is also promoting his fashion brand District. In addition, Hawkins keeps growing popularity on his YouTube channel. The most popular video is called Back to Bali…Life After The Breakup, which already brought him over million views.

Reece Hawkins fortune is growing each year and he keeps building his brand. Hawkins also knows how to enjoy his plush lifestyle. He has luxurious grey Mercedes-Benz AMG GT that he can afford thanks to his status as a fitness celebrity.