Tammy Hembrow Net Worth: $2.2 million

Australian Instagram star Tammy Hembrow has been serving as an inspiration to millions of women around the globe ever since she documented on social media her way to get in perfect shape her post-pregnancy body. Today, she is selling variety of fitness and workout related products online and her business keeps thriving. Tammy Hembrow’s net worth is 2.2 million dollars as of 2020 and it is money well deserved. You might want to check also the inspiring wealth of Janni Olsson DelerAlexis Ren, and Jaclyn Hill.

Career & Bio

In 2013, Tammy opened her Instagram account and she focused on fitness related topics from the start. But all got to a whole new level, when she got pregnant in 2014. She was trying to stay in shape during pregnancy but after giving birth still felt the need to improve her physique. Her success in getting back her slim toned figure inspired many women who seek now advice from Hembrow.

She amassed incredible 11 million followers on her Instagram and expanded on types of offered workout programs and merchandise to increase her net worth. Tammy also runs successful YouTube channel with 1.3 million subscribers. Maybe not surprisingly, her most popular video so far (with 12 million views) is “Bigger Booty Workout” followed by a Yoga Challenge with her (now ex) boyfriend Reece. She also posts videos from exotic vacations like Bora Bora.

Although she proudly declares her fit body to be a result of intense training and a right diet, some people accused Hembrow of having various plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Such accusations often include botox, fillers, and even Brazilian butt lift. The latter is probably uncalled for, as with intensive workout that Tammy performs regularly, keeping your behind shapely isn’t that hard.

Family – kids, sisters

Tammy was born April 22, 1994 in Australia and her ancetsry is actually mixed. She is part Australian and part Trinidadian. Tammy has two sisters named Amy Isha and Emilee. They both also run their own Instagrams and although they amassed a lot of fans, they are nowhere close to Tammy’s popularity.

Hembrow was in a long-term relationship with Reece Hawkins, who works as a personal trainer. They seemed to be a solid couple and Tammy even gave birth to their two kids, Saskia and Wolf. However, they broke up in 2018. But we believe that beauty like Tammy will not stay single for a long and will find herself a new boyfriend.

Tammy Hembrow net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $1,600,000
  • 2018: $1,700,000
  • 2019: $2,000,000
  • 2020: $2,200,000

Sources of income, salary

Her social media account have millions and millions of regular visitors and therefor can easily generate a handsome income for Tammy just from advertisement. But Australian beauty goes way beyond just that. She is also selling numerous fitness products, such as workout clothes, whey protein supplements (from Women’s Best brand), and workout programs.

She added also meal plans designed by nutritionist and even her own mobile app. With this workout app, you can track your exercise as well as diet. It comes with a subscription model and if you opt in for monthly payments, the cost is currently at $19.99 per month. Although she focuses on the whole figure, her most sought-after and almost a signature program is her “8 Week Booty” as many women admire and envy this part of her body.

Tammy also know how to enjoy her wealth. She drives a pearl white Mercedes-Benz G class, lives in a nice house, and frequently travels. She has several tattoos on her body, including a palm tree and a butterfly on her arm and a pair of wings on her upper back. Tammy Hembrow is definitely your average mother of two.