Mo Vlogs Net Worth: $8 million

Mo Vlogs is a YouTube sensation. His channel focusing on luxurious cars amassed almost 9 million subscribers and brought him a sizable income. Not that the vlogger, who’s real name is Mohamed Beiraghdary, needed the money in th first place. Born into an affluent Dubai family, he was around fast and expensive vehicles since the beginning. As of 2020, Mo Vlogs’ net worth is about 8 million dollars and growing. Check you also wealth of Roman AtwoodRobert Terkla, and Yousef Erakat.

Career & bio

Mohamed was born March 8, 1995 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates into a wealthy family. In 2013, this young man started a YouTube channel called Mo Vlogs. He is frequently posting various pranks but the main content of his account has four wheels and a lot of horse power. He is showing his fans Ferraris, Lamborginis, Rolls-Royces, and other luxury vehicles.

His most popular video has pretty self-explanatory title: Rich Kids of the Middle East – The Most Expensive Car in the World. It amassed over 18 million views! His other frequently played videos are for example Paying Cash for a New Ferrari and I Bought a Rolls-Royce Using Only 1 Dollar Bills.

He can have any car he likes but most recently, Mo Vlogs decided to purchase Lamborghini Urus tuned by prestigious German company called Mansory. It has a two-tone red and black paint and incredible wheels. Definitely one of the fastest SUVs on the planet is a good fit for young and restless kid with itch to spend some cash.

Family – parents and sister

Mo Vlogs rarely mentions his parents. But his dad is Esmail Beiraghdary. Considering in how affluent circles Mo Vlogs frequently moves, his dad is probably a very rich man but no details were publicly disclosed. But his sister, that is a completely different story!

Her name is Lana Rose and she is also very active on social media accounts. Unlike her brother, Lana is most successful on Instagram though. You will find her under the nickname lanarose786 and she already reached 2.2 million followers. Most posts are of her curvaceaous hourglass-shaped figure in various outfits. She is also very often featured n Mo’s videos, car-focused and pranks alike.

Mo Vlogs net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $6.1 million
  • 2018: $6.5 million
  • 2019: $7.5 million
  • 2020: $8 million

Sources of income

Although the origin of his family fortune isn’t publicly known, just the fact that he is originally from Dubai gives a hint that Mo’s dad is probably an affluent entrepreneur. Thanks to this, Mo Vlogs was introduced to posh lifestyle in high floors of Dubai and London society. But he can more than easily also provide for himself now.

With millions of fans on YouTube, Mohamed is growing his net worth despite lavish spending. He also established quite popular Instagram (2.7 million followers) and flirted with gaming channel on Twitch. Online advertising is propelling his wealth and he also has a safety in a form of family that is well-off.


Mo Vlogs is dating a fellow social media star known under her online nickname Narins Beauty. This beautiful girl lives alternately in Sweden and Dubai. Her Instagram amassed incredible 3,700,000 followers so far. So she definitely didn’t need Mo to become famous.