Evan Bass  Net Worth & Bio

$2.2 million

Net Worth

Image Credit  :  US Weekly

Born on : December 17, 1982

Birthplace : Nashville, Tennessee

Evan Bass is a founder and director of a couple erectile dysfunction clinics.


Image Credit  :  US Weekly

Bass became a favourite of many viewers due to his unique character and so consequently he appeared also in the Bachelor in Paradise.

Wife : Carly Waddell

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SIblings from Previous Marriage : Nathan, Liam, and Ensley


SIblings from Current Marriage : Daughter and Son Charles

2017: $1.2 million

2018: $1.5 million

2020: $2.2 million

2019: $2 million

Image Credit : US Weekly

Evan BassNet Worth Increases Over the Last Years

He brought in most of his net worth from his erectile dysfunction practices in Tennessee.

In addition, Bass has a posh salary coming from The Bachelorette and The Bachelor in Paradise.

Image Credit : US Weekly

Due to his popularity from the shows, Bass also accumulated Instagram account with 361 thousand followers.

Source of Income

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