Tracy Tutor Maltas Net Worth: $21 million

Tracy Tutor Maltas is real estate agent who gained recognition as a part of TV reality cast of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. She became sensation due the fact that she is first female realtor on the show. Tracy joined the TV show in its tenth season and remained on the main cast ever since. Tracy Tutor Maltas’ current net worth is estimated to be around $21 million in 2020. Check out also the wealth of Jason MaltasTyler Whitman, and Steve Gold.

Career bio

Tracy Tutor Maltas is one of the most successful real estate agents for Douglas Elliman California. One of her strength in the business include building professional relationship. Tracy knows many high-end designers and architects in California, which comes in handy in her line of business.

One of Maltas’ key career highlights was when she was picked to represent West Hollywood Edition Hotel and Residence. Originally, Tracy studied theater arts at University of Southern California. However, upon graduation Tracy learned about real estate business from her father who is a successful real estate investor.


Tracy was married for over a decade with Jason Maltas. He is a residential contractor in the Los Angeles area, as well as president of Gordon Gibson Construction. They have together two daughters Scarlett and Juliet. Eventually, the couple decided to divorce because of their differences.

The divorce was pretty calm, they signed prenuptial agreement and divided their wealth equally. Also nobody asked for spouse or child support. Tracy gained her Cadillac Escalate and the Range Rovers and she also stayed in her plush manor. Her own real estate is worth $18 million. It seems that success runs in Tracy’s family.

Her father Ronald Tutor, is a investor and entrepreneur with net worth close to $800 million. He is also CEO of Tutor-Perini and president of Tutor-Saliba. Thanks to his expertise, Tracy was able to amass lot of hands-on knowledge right after graduating from college.

Tracy Tutor Maltas net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $36 million
  • 2018: $18 million
  • 2019: $19 million
  • 2020: $21 million

Sources of income, salary

Tracy Tutor Maltas gained most of her net worth through her career in real estate. She gained even more financial wealth when she joined the cast of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. She became first women on the show. The Bravo’s reality show follows lives and business of real estate agents in prestigious areas of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu, California.

The viewers can see how these successful realtors do their jobs, what does it entail and also see their luxurious, wealthy manors. Tracy enjoys her popularity and accumulated around 112 thousand followers on her Instagram account. She claims to be Luxuriator on her Instagram page aside from many other, like real estate agent, mother, and speaker. This term should stress, that Tracy is dealing not just with any real estate but top of the line, posh and luxurious mansions.

Tracy also has her own website to promote her job even further. Tracy has been accumulating her wealth for quite some time and lost a part of it on paper, due to her divorce. However since then, Tracy’s net worth is growing again constantly.