Rickard Deler Net Worth: $65 million

Entrepreneur Rickard Deler like’s to share pictures from his lavish lifestyle on social media. Especially his frequently updated Instagram account with over 226 thousand followers made him famous. Beautiful woman, big mansions and expensive yacht all make for highly viral content. But what is his exact wealth? Deler never publicly disclosed his fortune but several sources estimate Rickard Deler net worth to be around $65 million as of 2020. That is not bad at all, right? Check out also how much Diko SulahianMarty Caffrey, and Steve Gold are worth.

But lets take a look at how he amassed such a fortune now. As you’ll see, it took him choosing the right industry, big effort, and also some ingenuity.

Career bio

Rickard was born October 4, 1966 in Stockholm, Sweden. That is a country known for it’s egalitarian ethos. Not exactly the best place to build a fortune from scratch. But that didn’t stop Mr. Deler. He secured a career at Bruske/Del Window Renovations, becoming one of the partners. After working there for approximately ten years, Deler switched to company called ART Project.

This is basically his own company as he is one of two managing partners. ART Project is a Swedish company in the business of architectural and civil engineering activities and related technical consultancy. Sounds fancy, but let’s just say that real estate was always a good line of work. And it rewarded Deler handful as he continued to see his net worth grow.

ART Project was founded in 1972 and its annual turnover is usually around 500 thousand EUR. It operates as a subsidiary of Delér Holding AB. So no, you can’t buy its stocks as it is privately owned. Deler’s passion for real estate is clearly visible on his YouTube channels where he’s sharing renovation projects with his fans. And since Sweden is so cold, Rickard resides currently in Spain. He bought there a luxurious house in Marbella.

Family life – wife, daughters, and dogs

Every multi-millionaire needs an attractive woman next to his side. Rickard used to be married to Jessica Deler. His beautiful ex-wife is a musician and also has a kid from the previous marriage. Together, they raised four children. Two daughters, Janni and Michaela, and two sons, Philip and Isac. Janni is a gorgeous blonde who rose to fame as a lifestyle blogger and a lot of online recognition that Rickard gained was through her.

And who is this popular entrepreneur and investor dating right now? We don’t know if he has a long-term girlfriend. But it looks like he might just enjoy single lifestyle and focus on himself and his dog. He is an avid dog lover and based on his social media photos, he owns at least one rottweiler.

Rickard Deler net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $55 million
  • 2018: $59 million
  • 2019: $62 million
  • 2020: $65 million

Sources of income, salary

Unlike his blogging daughter Janni, Rickard started social media mostly as a side hobby. So he didn’t make big bucks sharing videos or advertising on Instagram. His main source of income is his real estate company. Since he owns the company for which he works, salary is just a formality. His real net worth originates from his assets.

From his Instagram account, it looks like he is also running a business called Homerun Brokers which focuses on buying and selling upscale properties in Marbella, Spain. He lives there himself, so what better real estate agent to ask for? This coastal city enchants everyone with alabaster-white villas and wild natural scenery. Luxury cars and long yachts won’t leave you in doubt that this one of the hot spots for affluent people lik Rickard, especially in the sought-after central part.