Marty Caffrey Net Worth: $3 million

Former investment banker and an entrepreneur Marty Caffrey got into the media crosshair due to his romantic relationship and marriage to Danielle Staub from TV reality show The Real Housewives of New Jersey. As a highly skilled professional, Marty amassed a sizable fortune. Marty Caffrey net worh is being estimated around 3 million dollars and although he already retired from the institutional investing world, he is still far from retiring completely and keeps working. Read also about the wealth of Diko SulahianRickard DelerMike Nilon

Career in finance and professional bio

Marty studied at the Seton Hall University where he also played in two College World Series as a pitcher. After earning his college degree, Caffrey signed contract with New York Yankees. But after his sport career ended, he turn into a completely different direction.

Caffrey worked as an investment banking managing director at the prestigious Credit Suisse Group AG bank. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for such an important position is almost $208,000. It is true what they say – there is a lot of money to be made in corporate investing and money management.

After leaving Credit Suisse, Caffrey allegedly became an entrepreneur but we couldn’t find details on what type of business is he running now. Still, he is probably set for life anyways and works mostly for fun.

Family – two wives, three kids

Marty’s first wife was Gail Marie Sincavage. She holds a college degree from New York University and used to work as an insurance agent. They were married from 1979 and thei raised three kids together, son David, and two daughters, Allison and Lauren.

In 2017, Marty got engaged to Danielle Staub who was already famous for her appearance on Bravo TV’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey. As they got married during a beautiful beach ceremony at Luna Beach Club in May 2018, Caffrey became her third husband. Same as him, Danielle also has some children from her previous marriage. In her case, those are daughters Christine and Jillian that she has with second husband Thomas Staub.

However, it took only a few months before Marty and Danielle announced that they are planning a divorce which was eventually finalized in February 2019. As of early 2020, Caffrey and Staub are still living together. This might be one of the reasons for the reoccurring rumors about these two are dating again.

So far it looks like they are sharing a household but they do not plan returning to each other in a romantic sense of word. As their divorce was a very messy one, accusations of domestic violence were made and restraining order were files, it is surprising that they are still living in the same mansion.

Marty Caffrey net worth growth over the last 4 years

  • 2017: $2,400,000
  • 2018: $2,500,000
  • 2019: $2,700,000
  • 2020: $3 million

Sources of income, salary

Throughout his life, Caffrey cycled through several profitable professions. Starting as a professional athlete jump started Marty Caffrey net worth and income at early age. But the real success waited for him in the world of investment banking. Swiss-based Credit Suisse is one of the most recognized financial institutions and its investment banking division takes care of trading, various securities, prime brokerage, as well as capital procurement. Making it all the way to the top brought Marty a very fine salary.

Although he enjoys golfing and boating, Caffrey didn’t fully retire to focus on his hobbies after he left his bank job. He also worked some time for A.G. Becker Inc. Nowadays, he continues earning money as an entrepreneur. Being married to a reality television star made his life way more publicized, yet Marty himself didn’t probably earn any salary from Bravo TV.