Matthew Hussey Net worth: $1.7 million

Matthew Hussey is a famous author, dating coach and TV personality. He has self titled channel with over 2 million subscribers. Hussey has also Instagram account with over 800 thousand followers. Matthew published his best-seller self-help book titled “Get the Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve”. In 2020, Matthew Hussey’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.7 million. Check out also the wealth of Dulce CandyTanner Braungardt, and Eben Pagan.

Career bio

Matthew begun his career back in 2008 when he was giving dating advice to men. Furthermore, he has been resident love expert on the Today Show. In 2013, Matthew published breakthrough book Get the Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve. Hussey also made many TV appearances such as Ready For Love.

Hussey is currently very successful YouTuber. He made many viral videos. One of his most profitable videos is 3 Man-Melting Phrases That Make A Guy Fall For You – Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy. This video brought already close to 19 million views. Matthew also advertise his Free Dating Guide on the channel.

On top of that, Matthew is selling his online programs on his website. For example, The Man Myth (GetTheGuy). In addition, Hussey also offers The Matthew Hussey Live Retreat. He is also available to book from his website.


Matthew Hussey was born June 19, 1987 in Essex, England. In February 2018, Matthew has been seen with Camila Cabello. This romantic couple had many fans. But they ultimately separated their ways in June 2019. It looks like that Matthew Hussey is single in 2020.

Matthew Hussey net worth increases over the last years.

  • 2017: $1.2 million
  • 2018: $1.3 million
  • 2019: $1.5 million
  • 2020: $1.7 million

Sources of income, salary

Matthew Hussey made his net worth out of many business endeavors. He appeared in several TV shows and magazines as a dating expert. Matthew made even more wealth, when he decided to publish his book Get the Guy.

In addition, Hussey made successful YouTube channel with many viral videos that made multiple million of views. Matthew also is selling programs on his website. He also promotes his services on the website and his Instagram account.

Matthew Hussey created an impressive wealth throughout his career and it iss still growing. He started his career when he was a teenager. Today, Hussey makes appearances in iHeartRadio’s LoveLife program and The Today Show. Matthew keeps advising women on men troubles and dating and making his wealth grow even further in 2020.