Elisabeth Rioux Net Worth: $850,000

Instagram star and model Elisabeth Rioux is very popular on various social media but she gained the biggest recognition thanks to her Instagram where she is frequently sharing bikini pics and other photos of her posh lifestyle. As of 2020, Elisabeth Rioux’s net worth is approximately $850,000 and it keeps growing. Check you also the wealth of similar Instagram models like Alexis RenTammy Hembrow, and Janni Deler.

Biography and career

Elisabeth was born December 20, 1996 in Canada. Her road to fame started in 2014 hen she launched her Instagram account. She quickly gained a lot of fans, partially thanks to having a perfect bikini body with slim waist and toned belly.

Today, her Instagram has over 1.8 million followers and she also ventured to YouTube. Elisabeth’s channel recently hit 243 thousand followers. Some of her most popular videos are “Vlog 1: made 5900 km to surprise my boyfriend” and “Why we broke up.” So as you can see, people are really interested especially in her personal dating life.

Dating history

Rioux had several really intriguing boyfriends in the past. First of all, she dated famous male model Jay Alvarrez after he broke up with Alexis Ren. Elizabeth and Jay looked awesome as a couple and they both obviously love to spend a lot of time in swimwear but this connection didn’t last.

After breaking up with Jay, Elisabeth found romance with another male model. Her next boyfriend was Jonathan Germain. But after this relationship ended, Rioux posted video on YouTube titled “Why we broke up… (actually why HE broke up).” So is she single now? No! She is dating Bryan Mcormick and there are strong signs that he might be the perfect guy for her.

Based on her posts, Elisabeth and Bryan are spending a lot of time together. Part of their family is also Rioux’s husky named Royce. But they are about to welcome a new addition to their family in 2020! That is correct. Elisabeth is pregnant and she is documenting her pregnancy on social media. Based on the size of her belly, we are pretty sure she will be delivering soon.

Elisabeth Rioux net worth increases over the years

  • 2017: $500 thousand
  • 2018: $700 thousand
  • 2019: $800 thousand
  • 2020: $850 thousand

Workout routine

A lot of Elisabeth’s fans are admiring her bikini body. And her female supporters have been eager to know, how she achieved such a fit figure. She listened to her fans’ wishes and released a video called “Elisabeth Rioux – house workout routine” that collected almost half a million views already. You can watch the video for details but lets say the workout includes a lot of planks and donkey kicks. She focuses mainly on abs and butt.

Sources of income, salary

As a successful Instagrammer, Rioux gained a huge platform to influence people and advertise various merchandise. And she used it. Elisabeth launched her own underwear line Bamboo and also own swimwear line called Hoaka Swimwear. Of course she is also doing modeling for these brands. Hoaka Swimwear has it’s own profile on Instagram and it seems to be focusing on solid colors with white lining and simple patterns. Other models are helping Elisabeth to promote it.

While increasing her net worth through selling her own merchandise, Rioux is also earning money from online advertisement. As a model and entrepreneur, she definitely achieved a lot but the peak of her career is still ahead of her. We are forecasting that after giving birth to her first kid, Elisabeth will focus on “getting back in shape” videos and workout routines for her fans. And we have no doubt she will be fit again in no time. This should further increase her popularity and wealth.