Doug DeMuro Net Worth: $4.7 million

When it comes to vlogging about motor vehicles, Doug DeMuro hardly has any competition on YouTube. He is posting his witty car reviews twice a week and gained a huge viewership. This translated into a financial success and Doug is no longer just reviewing rare sports cars. He also owns one! As of 2020, Doug DeMuro’s net worth is around 4.7 million dollars. Check out also how rich Mo VlogsYousef Erakat, and Roman Atwood are.

Career and bio

Doug was born May 22, 1988 in Denver, Colorado but he lived in Atlanta, Georgia for a large part of his life. He holds a college degree in Economics from a prestigious Emory University. His career in automotive industry started in the position vehicle allocation manager at a Porsche dealership. In 2013, DeMuro started as a columnist for a notoriously known website Jalopnik. On the side, he launched his own YouTube channel. From 2014 to 2018, DeMuro lived in Philadelphia, only to eventually land in San Diego area in California, where he resides in 2020 still.

What started as a hobby on the side, grew into extremely popular channel. Doug has a talent to make every car interesting by picking on small details nobody else knows or noticed. Today, his typical video collects from 2 to 3 million views. Doug’s most popular post so far is called Here’s Why Bugatti Chiron Is Worth $3 Million. It amassed incredible 12 million views!

This one is closely followed by similar posts on Ford GT and BMW i8. Apparently expensive vehicles are the best bait but Doug can make any car sound interesting. He always includes quirks and features as well as his famous “Doug Score” to let you know what he thinks about the vehicle.

Family – wife and dog

Doug is married. His wife’s name is Joanna and they are together for many years. After a long-term relationship, the couple got married in 2017. They have no kids so far but Doug own a dog. It is a bearded collie named Noodle.

Doug DeMuro net worth over the years

  • 2017: $3.5 million
  • 2018: $4 million
  • 2019: $4.3 million
  • 2020: $4.7 million

Sources of income, salary

Although originally relying on a regular salary while starting his channel, DeMuro lives just from his various entertainment industry incomes now. He has been receiving a powerful stream of money from YouTube ads. But Doug is also active as a writer which further boosts his net worth. He published several books, most recently Bumper to Bumper in 2016.

He is so famous now, that people are lending him their exotic cars to review them. So if you are living near San Diego and have some special four-wheeled miracle, you can write him and maybe you will see it on his vlog. What he can not get from private enthusiast, DeMuro borrows from luxury car dealerships that are willing to do that in exchange for their name appearing on the video.

2005 Ford GT

In 2019, Doug’s dream came through and he bought himself a pre-owned 2005 Ford GT (and of course he filmed a video about it). It is dark blue with white stripes and it came in a great condition. Real american muscles. Those are becoming sought-after collectibles as the production was limited and many of them ended wrecked. Pieces in a great shape are selling for more than the original MSRP. But Doug didn’t buy it only as an investment. You can tell he is genuinely excited about the GT. This rare sports car and his dog Noodles both make it quite often into his Instagram posts.