Saygin Yalcin Net Worth: $1.5 billion

Saygin Yalcin is an affluent entrepreneur and social media star with a lot of fans across platforms. Majority of his wealth originates from an online company named The objective of the business is pretty much what the name suggests. Saygin Yalcin’s net worth is aproximately 1.5 billion dollars in 2020 and he keeps diversifying his income streams. Check out also the wealth of Alex HirschiMo Vlogs, and Doug DeMuro.

Career and biography

Saygin was born April 25, 1984 in Bremen, Germany into a family of Turkish immigrants. While studying in Germany, young Yalcin played soccer for the junior league. He was always very entrepreneurial but also had to pay bills while trying to make a difference. Over the early years, Yalcin worked on various positions for companies liek L’Oreal and BMW. But he never stopped thinking about how to become a successful businessman.

In the pursuit of opportunity, Saygin relocated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Over there, he started his first big business – website called He secured a nice exit when he sold the firm to Souq. Next venture is his well-known Sell Any Car. Yalcin holds a CEO position and keeps tabs on daily operations while simultaneously also working on his other businesses.

In order to continue his rapid growth, Yalcin went to angel investors, seeking a major infusion of cash. And he was successful. European investment company Polar Light Ventures helped him with 10 million euros. With this capital in hand, he started also targeting the European market.

Dating – girlfriend or wife?

Many fans are interested in Yalcin’s love life. Does he have a wife? Not to our knowledge. Saygin is currently single but in the past, some rumors emerged regarding who might be his possible girlfriend. Couple pictures he took with beautiful model Kendall Jenner gave origin to rumors that those two might be dating. But that is not true. I guess we will have to wait for confirmation regarding his romantic relationship.

Saygin Yalcin net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $800 million
  • 2018: $1 million
  • 2019: $1.2 billion
  • 2020: $1.5 billion

Sources of income, salary

Even though the vast majority of his net worth comes from his online vehicle selling business, Yalcin has many other sources of cash. For one, he has very popular social media accounts. His Instagram will soon reach 700 thousand followers and his YouTube channel is approaching 1 million subscribers. And he certainly knows how to go viral.

His most popular video is “Animals Choosing Cars” with astonishing 10 million views in 2020.Trailing far behind in second place is “Bugatti Fast Food Delivery” which scored only 2.8 million hits so far. Yalcin’s popularity on social media allows him to promote his own companies and merchandise. Did I say merchandise? Yalcin is offering though online store Spreadshirt his own line of branded apparel, like T-shirts, hoodies, and cinch bags. They preset his logos like Startup Hero and Sell Any Car.

Startup Hero is another of Yalcin’s projects. I is a community for aspiring businessmen and also a channel through which they might to get an initial investment from other entrepreneurs. Saygin is also touring the world with his life presentations. And two closest dates for 2020 (Berlin and Frankfurt am Main are already sold out! He clearly became a sought after guru for many startup owners and it is easy to see why.