Rhett and Link Net Worth: $20 million

Famous YouTube duo Rhett and Link consists of two middle age Amerians, Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal. Together, these childhood friends started a super-successful channel Good Mythical Morning and became one of the most famous vloggers of all times. This brought them also a lot of money. As of 2020, Rhett and Link’s net worth is approximately 20 million dollars (bot of them combined). Check out also the stunning wealth of Yousef ErakatRoman Atwood, and Zoella.

Background and road to riches

When we are saying these two are childhood friends, we are not exaggerating even a little. They first met in the first class of Buies Creek Elementary School and instantly became pals. They eventually applied for the same college – North Carolina State University – only different majors. Rhett got his degree in civil engineering and Link in industrial engineering.

While they landed some great jobs straight from the college. They soon both cut their careers short in order to pursue sketches for a Christian organization named Cru. They also launched their first YouTube channel called Good Mythical Morning and while they remained openly Christian for a long time (before revealing they see themselves more as agnostics), they did not let this influence their creative content.

McLaughlin’s and Neil’s talents and hard work grew this channel into a powerful social media platform which reached 16.4 million viewers in 2020. They keep growing their digital empire and in 2019 they actually bought Smosh. They also published books and appeared on the television. They are true celebrities now.

Family – wives and kids

And what about their personal lives? Do they have girlfriends? They are both happily married. Rhett married his long-term love Jessie Lane back in 2001 and they currently have two children together, sons Locke and Shepherd.

Link’s love story is very similar. He married his sweetheart Christy Neal in 2000. His wife gave birth to their three kids. They have daughter Lily and sons Lando and Charles. It is nice to see that the stellar money and fame did not have a negative impact on their private lives.

Rhett and Link net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $12 million
  • 2018: $15.5 million
  • 2019: $18 million
  • 2020: $20 million

Sources of income, salary

As they left their corporate career pretty early on and after that focused on their work for non-profit Cru, Rhet and Link made very little money prior to their YouTube careers and vast majority of their net worth can be attributed to their vlogging and subsequent fame.

Their main channel Good Mythical Morning is a flagship of their social media empire. Some of the most viewed (and most profitable) videos include Amazing Game Show Cheaters (with 29 million views) and World’s Hottest Pepper Challenge (28 million views). But they also run a self-titled YouTube channel with 4,900,000 subscribers and Mythical Kitchen with 1,300,000 subscribers where they cook some weird stuff.

But not all their wealth comes from online advertisement on these channels. They also wrote two books, Book of Mythicality and more recent The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek from 2019. They also went on tours around the world

Their company named Mythical Entertainment made some big acquisitions (Smosh) and they are selling branded merchandise through their own online store Mythical.com as well as through Amazon. We are talking mostly clothes and grooming accessories.