Joe Robinet Net Worth: $550,000

Popular YouTuber Joe Robinet runs a channel oriented camping, wilderness, and all outdoorsy things. That is not your usual vlog in one of the most famous niches, yet Joe managed to gain over a million fans. Not bad for a regular guy from Canada. As of 2020, Joe Robinet’s net worth reached 550 thousand dollars and he surpassed 8 million views on his most popular video. Check out also the wealth of similar celebrities like Matt CarrikerRobert Terkla (LunkersTV), and Doug Demuro.

Career bio

Joe Robinet was born in Canada during undisclosed year. He got very early on a YouTube bandwagon, as he launched his channel back in 2007. More than two decades back, the competition was way lower but you still had to offer a quality content. Robinet mastered his niche, focusing on bushcraft, survival in the wilderness, and also posts with his dog Tripper who is a Dutch Shepherd and even according to his owner a lot to handle. Still, his eared head shape made it even to Joe’s signature logo

Robinet’s channel surpassed 1.36 million subscribers in 2020 and keeps growing. Some of his most popular posts are Overnight Bushcraft Camp with My Dog which amassed 7 million views and 24h Walmart Camping/Survival Challenge with 3.8 million views. Tripper is part of many of his uploads.

In addition to YouTube, Robinet is also present on Instagram. His account has 133 thousand followers. That is way less than his YouTube channel but bear in mind that typical outdoor crowd rarely uses Instagram.


Joe is very close with his family. He is married to a woman named Will but only few pictures of her are publicly available. They have kids two kids together, the older one is a daughter named Autumn and the name of the younger one is not known.

He mentioned once that he is suffering from an irritable bowel syndrome. This medical condition made him consider a change in his diet. Food that is suggested in these cases is a so-called low-FODMAP diet which some people might find limiting but it definitely helps with IBS problems.

Joe Robinet net worth increases over the last couple years

  • 2017: $300,000
  • 2018: $420,000
  • 2019: $500,000
  • 2020: $550,000

Sources of income, salary

With such a high number of subscriber and views Robinet is earning nicely through the internet advertisement. But he has also other sources of income and net worth. Let’s mention at least his online store with branded merchandise. He is using Bunker Branding platform created by his fellow YouTuber Matt Carriker. He is selling there mostly T-shirts and baseball hats but also various accessories for camping. Like for example that nice half-liter Sierra boiling cup (Robinet’s custom logo included).