Flex Lewis Net Worth: $1,2 million

His muscles are enormous and the list of contests he won is endless. Flex Lewis definitely belongs to one of the most memorable bodybuilders of today. He is also very active on social media like Instagram and YouTube. Throughout his career, he amassed a nice pack of money. As of 2020, Flex Lewis net worth is around 1.2 million dollars and keeps growing like his biceps. Check out also wealth of Roelly WinklaarJeremy Buendia, and Flex Wheeler.

Career bio

Flex was born November 15, 1983 in Llanelli, Wales as James Lewis. He fell in love with working out as a teenager. Only 12 year old Flex did already lift weights although his parents disapproved and even took his weights away in a futile attempt to prevent his from weightlifting. Soon, he became fully devoted to bodybuilding. In 2013, Lewis won EFBB Jr. Mr. Wales. And it was only the first one of a long line of winnings.

He also won for example Nabba Mr. Europe, 2008 Europa Pro 202 Division, and also seven times the prestigious title of Mr Olympia. Through his Instagram, Lewis is promoting various workout supplements and energy drinks. He is a busy man! Flex is considered to be one of the best 212 pound bodybuilders of all time.

Currently, Flex lives in Boca Raton, Florida with his wife, their four year old daughter named Adiena Paige Lewis, and two American Bulldogs. We wish all the best to this beautiful family.


Flex was dating Ali Rosen for some time before they got married in 2016. His wife Ali is an expert on food, drink and travel and she even has her own TV show called Potluck with Ali on NYC Life. This happy couple has a lot of similar interests. They are both into healthy diet and working out. His beautiful wife has also her own blog and Instagram.

Flex Lewis net worth growth over the last few years

  • 2017: $900,000
  • 2018: $1 million
  • 2019: $1 million
  • 2020: $1.2 million

Sources of income, salary

As a successful bodybuilder and social media star, Flex Lewis disposes with several income streams that are boosting his net worth. He collects advertisement money from his YouTube channel and also has sponsored posts on his Instagram account. Right now, he promotes Yamamoto Nutrition vitamins and supplements (ISO-FUJI 100{265d3f50a4e10dbfc85de3b8659db02eb82bdb4ae2fa199441c57a85d1fb4212} Natural, Flexotor, and other) and also Monster Energy drinks right on the top of his page.

Key to YouTube income is number of views. So let’s take a closer look on how he stands with this. Lewis’ most popular upload so far is Flex Lewis: Unfiltered 2 with 742 thousand views. That is not bad. Flex has couple other videos that made it into hundreds of thousands. We can mention Braun Strowman Delt Destruction and No Stone Unturned – The Early Years.