Garrett Miller Net Worth: $1.1 million

Garrett Miller is a famous fitness instructor and Instagram star. He became popular as a cast of cool MTV reality television show Siesta Key. Garrett is also a Lululemon influencer. He has over 360 thousand followers on Instagram. He runs his own website, where he promotes his fitness brand. Garret is known for making customized meal plans and working out e-books. As of 2020, Garrett Miller accumulated net worth around $1.1 million. Check out also the wealth of Alex KompothecrasKelsey Owens, and Juliette Porter.

Career bio

Garrett Miller was born in July 1995 in Sarasota, Florida. Garrett has his own personal fitness business that he build by himself without any help from anyone else. To further his brand and popularity, Garrett joined the reality show Siesta Key. He has been part of the main cast in all seasons so far. To make his financial wealth grow even further, Garrett also became Lululemon influencer on Instagram. With his chiseled face and muscular body, he is perfect fit for this trendy brand.


Garrett Miller is very close to his family. He has a brother Tanner who also appeared on the show. He is not shy about showing love for his family on the Instagram. Garrett was in a relationship with many cast members. He was dating Kelsey who was newbie to the show. After their breakup, coincidentally Juliette just broke up with Alex.

As a result, Garrett was dating Juliette for a while. At the beginning of the second season Garrett hooked up with Cara. At the beginning of the third season, Garrett and Cara were still together although their relationship was going through a rough patch. Juliette took her chance once more and commented that Cara cheated on Garrett.

So far it seems that Garrett is no longer in a relationship with Cara. Lately his Instagram is fled only by his business and not many girls are included. However there are some rumors that Garrett is hooking up with his ex-girlfriend Kelsey.

Garrett Miller net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $400 thousand
  • 2018: $500 thousand
  • 2019: $700 thousand
  • 2020: $1.1 million

Sources of income, salary

Garrett Miller is making most money through his own fitness business. On his website, Garrett advertise customized plans, e-books and supplements. He is also selling merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies and shakers. To increase his profit from his website he also promote the business on Instagram account.

He was able to amass 363 thousand followers so far. And he chose as main source of marketing his own social sites that are growing thanks to his appearance on the reality show. Furthermore, his huge following on Instagram was able to make him Lululemon influencer. This all together makes Garrett nice net worth that he made all by himself. And appearing in the popular MTV reality show Siesta Key makes his net worth grow each year thanks to the fat check from the TV network.