Dr Hobart Leung Net Worth: $600,000

Dr Hobart Leung is famous Internist in San Bernardino, California. He gained more recognition when his wife Kendra Segura became part of the crew in the TV reality show Married to Medicine LA on Bravo TV. In 2020, Dr. Hobart Leung’s estimated net worth reached approx. $600 thousand. Check out also the wealth of Dr Gadson JohnsonKendra Segura, and Jazmin Johnson.

Career bio

Dr. Hobart Leung is doctor in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Leung became particularly more known through his wife’s appearance in the Bravo’s reality TV show Married to Medicine LA. The show is filming its second season right now, however Dr. Hobart’s wife Kendra Segura only joined the crew during the current season that has been broadcast in 2020. The TV show is still running and it introduces a sneak peak into the lives of prosperous doctors and their families living in the Los Angeles area.


Dr Hobart is married for several years to his wife Kendra Segura. She is OB-GYN specialist and popular reality star. When Kendra became pregnant she shared the news on her Instagram account to keep her fans in the loop. She is new mom to her gorgeous son Hart.

Although Dr. Leung would prefer traditional family, his wife is set to get back to her successful career full-time as soon as possible. The reality show follows the struggles Kendra has to go through to let her son go and continue her demanding career.

Dr Hobart Leung net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $480 thousand
  • 2018: $500 thousand
  • 2019: $550 thousand
  • 2020: $600 thousand

Sources of income, salary

Dr. Hobart Leung’s current net worth is mostly originating from his full-time job as a doctor. He also gained popularity through his wife being reality TV star. The reality show Married to Medicine LA is showing luxurious lifestyle in posh manors of mostly African American doctors and their wives and husbands.

Although Dr. Hobart’s wife joined the show only recently, her popularity is increasing and people want to know more about her and the rest of her family. This couple is special because they are both doctors. Even though Dr. Hobart is still at the beginning of his career, their joined family net worth is going to be much bigger in the future as a result of two income household.

The current season of the reality show started to air on May 3rd in 2020. Dr. Kendra Segura and Lia Dias are both this season newbies but they both already became of the main stars. The lavish homes and top of the line equipment inside their mansions and the rich parties they throw are sure to draw the attention of many Americans who wish to be as well off as the cast members. However being doctor is not an easy job and it requires an advanced education as well as an extensive work schedules. All this explains the reason behind their enormous salaries and ability to live in upscale California neighborhoods.