Lia Dias Net Worth: $700,000

Lia Dias gained recognition recently as a new reality TV star in the Bravo’s show Married to Medicine LA. She is married to a psychiatrist who is associated professionally with Lia’s more famous friend and co-star Dr. Imani. As of 2020, Lia Dias’ net worth is approximately $700 thousand and growing. Check out also the wealth of Dr Gadson JohnsonKendra Segura, and Dr Colin Dias.

Career bio

Lia Dias is stay at home mom, but she additionally focuses on being a driven entrepreneur. Dias founded brand named Girl Cave LA, which is a chain of beauty stores located in LA. She has her own website where she promotes real beauty and giving power to other women. She encourages women to chase their own dreams.

On her website, Dias is selling hair products, which enhance naturally curly hairs. She further sells hair gels, oil, and other hair related accessories. Lia is also utilizing her newly found popularity on her social media. She has growing Instagram account where she is promoting her hair brand as well as the reality show. She is showing her family on the Instagram posts regularly.


Lia Dias is married to a psychiatrist who is working along with Married to Medicine LA star Dr. Imani. She and her husband have two kids Kaylin and Colin together. Aside from these two, Lia as well has another daughter Kayla from her previous serious relationship.They all live together at a desirable California zip code 90210. The family can afford to live in this luxurious celebrity-filled area thanks to Lia Dias husband’s salary.

Lia Dias net worth increases over the years

  • 2017: $630 thousand
  • 2018: $630 thousand
  • 2019: $650 thousand
  • 2020: $700 thousand

Wealth and sources of income

Lia Dias’ main source of income originates from her husband’s salary. However, she also made her own hair brand Girl Cave LA. This hair product brand is making Dias’ net worth substantially grow in 2020.

Most recently, Lia Dias made another financial boost thanks to becoming a cast member in TV reality show Married to Medicine LA. She joined the crew in second season as a main character and she is a good friend to more famous reality star and doctor, Dr. Imani.

Lia’s accumulated financial wealth through her husband. Besides that, she is driven empowered woman who likes to uplift fellow women to reach their dreams and become successful. Dias also modeled for a while in the past. At the moment, Dias focuses on her own business, TV reality show and raising her children. Lia confirmed that she struggles to balance everything out. The show is such a hit among other things because its following lives of doctors and their spouses in Los Angeles. Fans get to see how wealthy people live their posh lives in luxurious villas and manors and how they deal with life challenges.