Dr Colin Dias Net Worth: $700,000

Dr Colin Dias is a renown psychiatrist who is specialized in child and adolescent psychiatry. He became famous through his wife Lia Dias, who became part of the Bravo’s Married to Medicine LA TV reality show lately. The show is following lives of doctors and their spouses in a luxurious area of Los Angeles, California. As of 2020, Dr Colin Dias’ net worth is estimated to be $700 thousand. Check out also the wealth of Dr Gadson JohnsonKendra Segura, and Lia Dias.

Career bio

Dr. Collin has been working as psychiatrist in California for quite some time before he accumulated such a nice financial reserve. He is said to be specialized in childhood and adolescent psychiatry. Dr. Colin’s salary is making it possible for Dr Dias and his wife to live in the luxurious part of L.A.

Because the this region is so plush, the price of living is extremely high. It is also a place where many celebrities reside. As a result, Dr. Colin’s wife Lia Dias was able to make connection with other celebrities and become part of the Married to Medicine LA crew.


Dr. Colin Dias is married to Married to Medicine LA cast Lia Dias. They have together two beautiful children Kaylin and Colin. Dr. Colin also takes care of another daughter Kayla, who is from Lia’s previous marriage. The family is enjoying their posh live in popular zip-code 90210.

Colin’s good income enables Lia to be a full-time mother and enjoy her prestigious location from the comfort of her home. Nevertheless, Lia didn’t want to be just typical doctor’s wife but aimed to become also a self made businesswoman. Thanks to that, she is now also adding to the family financial well-being.

Dr Colin Dias net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $630 thousand
  • 2018: $630 thousand
  • 2019: $650 thousand
  • 2020: $700 thousand

Sources of income, salary

Dr. Colin amassed most of his net worth thanks to his dedication to a career in psychiatry. Adding to this, his wife Lia Dias doesn’t like to just be doctor’s wife. She is a driven woman who wants to achieve her own dreams. As a result, Lia opened her own hair product website.

Most recently, Lia also started her acting career in the bravo’s reality show Married to Medicine LA, which will brought home yet another salary. The show started in May and is currently still in the progress. Married to Medicine LA, is a sneak peek into the luxurious mansions of L.A.’s doctors and their spouses. The cast is showing public own homes and lifestyle dynamic. They also show them how to have a really good time. But affluent cast members also have mundane struggles that anybody else can experience. Yet another reason why watching reality shows is so popular.