Erin Napier NEt Worth: $2.5 million

Artist Erin Napier renovates with her husband historic houses in their home town of Laurel, Mississippi. Since 2017, they appear on HGTV reality show that is fittingly named Home Town. But they were successful even before their TV fame. As of 2020, Erin Napier’s net worth is estimated to be approximately 2.5 million dollars. Check out also how rich are other HGTV stars, such as Tamara DayMina Starsiak, and Ben Napier.

Career bio

Erin was born on August 30, 1985 in Mississippi, USA. She studied graphic design at the University of Mississippi where she also earned he bachelor’s degree (and met her future husband but we return to that later).

She became very active online, started a popular Instagram account that amassed to this date incredible 569 thousand followers, and also launched a online store Laurel Mercantile where she has been selling hand-made goods, such as pillows, t-shirts and since the coronavirus threat also face masks.


Erin met her husband Ben when they were both attending the same college. They started dating, fell in love, and eventually got married in 2008 while they were both in their mid twenties still. This was apparently a match made in heaven and they are together and happy after 12 years still.

In 2018, they welcomed a new family member when Erin gave birth to their first child – daughter named Helen. They would have become parents sooner but she and her husband encountered fertility problems. Doctors eventually found out that she has a perforated appendix. This was making a natural pregnancy very unlikely. The couple was ready to adopt but then she conceived. So that sorted out nicely. Erin and her hubby also own two big white dogs, Great Pyrenees, that she affectionately calls polar bears.

Erin Napier net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $1.4 million
  • 2018: $1.9 million
  • 2019: $2.2 million
  • 2020: $2.5 million

Sources of income, salary

Although very successful even before the TV show, her deal with HGTV further increased her net worth and fame. Renovating historic houses is only one of the couple’s streams on income. They are also paid by HGTV and run their own onlline store.

Laurel Mercantile Co is offering stylish assortment of hand-crafted items and branded clothes. They are selling coffee blends, wooden serving boards, wall art, and much more. Erin is also doing a great job of promoting her businesses on Instagram.

Home Town was running for fourth season in 2020 but HGTV already has something new planned. In 2021, Home Towm Takeover will introduce Napiers’ talent to other small towns as they start renovating outside of Laurel, Mississippi.