Amanda Batula Net Worth: $550,000

Amanda Batula works as a senior graphic designer but she came to recognition as a part of the cast of Summer House reality TV show. She is famous for dating her co-star Kyle Cooke. Amanda joined the cast as guest star on its premiere season and she was so successful that she became main cast since the 2nd season. Amanda Batula’s current net worth is estimated to be around $550 thousand in 2020. Check out also how wealthy her co-stars Carl RadkeKyle Cooke, and Hannah Berner are.

Career bio

Amanda holds a degree from University of Connecticut. She graduated in 2013 and received Bachelor of Fine Arts. Amanda subsequently gained popularity through her appearance on the American reality show Summer House.

Aside from being a reality TV star, Amanda also is working as a designer for L’Occitane en Provence, major French cosmetic brand. She is also creative director at FENIX, a nutrition subscription app that was developed by her fiance Kyle Cooke. The couple also released new brand Loverboy, which is new naturally sweetened beverage.


Amanda is engaged to her Summer House co-star Kyle Cooke since 25 September 2018. After initial problems to set their date, choose the right venue, and coming to terms with their different personalities, the couple announced that their wedding is set for September 25th, 2020.

Amanda celebrated the engagement with her fiancé in Barcelona. Later the lovers chose to have venue in NYC, which they are both excited about. Their engagement lasted for a while and thus many fans started to question whether the duo will actually end up married or not.

As a result, Amanda published post on Instagram, claiming that every romantic relationship is different and that she needed to take some time to have that perfect wedding. It seems that the couple is now stronger than ever. In a short amount of time, they got engaged, started living together, and released their new brand.

Ultimately there were some disagreements due to Amanda’s laid back personality clashing with Kyle’s goal oriented point of view. Eventually the couple resolved everything and they seem to be on the track to become wife and husband this fall.

Amanda Batula net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $300 thousand
  • 2018: $420 thousand
  • 2019: $490 thousand
  • 2020: $550 thousand

Sources of income, salary

Amanda Batula established large part of her net worth through her appearance in Summer House, especially when she became main cast. Amanda also works for well-known French cosmetics brand L’Occitane en Provence. She increased her wealth even further by joining her fiance Kyle Cook in his entrepreneurship.

She is working as a designer on Kyle’s nutrition Fenix application. And most recently, the duo released the new brand Loverboy. Amanda also promotes herself on her Instagram account that already reached 212 thousand followers.

Recently, Amanda became more known for her weight loss journey. Its apparent from her appearance in the show that she has transformed her body and became slimmer over the years. On April 27th, Amanda answered many questions about her fitness plan on the Instagram Stories. Amanda confirmed that she weighted the most on her second season and eventually lost 5 -20 pounds since then.

Amanda experienced the weight-loss through intermittent fasting and getting rid of all sugar and carbs. According to her fiancé, Amanda is not a fan of gym. As a result, Amanda recommend to get into indulgences regularly in a small dosage rather than counting calories. She also recommends eating as much protein and vegetable as possible.