Jason Maltas Net Worth: $18 million

Residential contractor Jason Maltas works as a Vice President at Gordon Gibson Construction. He came to public attention as a (ex) husband of reality TV star and real estate broker Tracy Tutor-Maltas. Although he isn’t a celebrity himself, he makes more than enough money in his own line of business. As of 2020, Jason Maltas’ net worth is estimated to be around 18 million dollars, which is a significant drop from his pre-divorce levels. Check out also the wealth of Tyler WhitmanSteve Gold, and Luis D. Ortiz.

Career bio

Jason was born in May 25, 1971 and spent his whole life in greater Los Angeles area. He pursued career on home building which can be very profitable. Thanks to his talent and dedication, he made it all the way to a vice president of Gordon Gibson Construction. This developer is building residential real estate in California.

As a successful developer, Maltas gets to meet with other important people from real estate business area. That includes multi-millionaire investor and contractor Ronald Tutot and his daugher Tracy who works as a real estate agent.


That brings us to Jason’s dating life and family. He and Tracy Tutor started dating. Jason married charming blonde in 2004. They have two kids together, daughters Juliet and Scarlett. As Jason and Tracy both work in real estate, they had a lot to talk about. But that wasn’t apparently enough as they filed for divorce in 2018.

His wife is running a profitable business as a realtor and she is also starring on a popular reality TV series Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. They had a prenuptial agreement and divorced amicably. As a result, they divided their assets equally. Tracy kept the luxurious mansion in LA and both her cars, Cadillac Escalade and Land Rover Range Rover.

Jason Maltas net worth increases over the last years

  • 2017: $36 million
  • 2018: $18 million
  • 2019: $17 million
  • 2020: $18 million

Sources of income, salary

As a vice president of major real estate development company, Maltas earns a sizable salary, which is his main source of income. He also married an heiress of a large fortune. Some say Tracy’s father Ronald might be worth close to 0.8 billion dollars! But it was never about money for Jason. He and his wife had a prenup and didn’t battle over divorce settlement.

While he can’t enjoy his lavish large mansion anymore (as his ex wife kept it), he is driving his Porsche Cayenne stil. Maltas is also a fine wine connoisseur and collects James Dean and Steve McQueen photographs.