Dave Blankenship Net Worth: $8 million

Dave Blankenship is one of the main cast member on a popular reality TV show The Curse of Oak Island. As a son of one of the most important treasure seekers, he kept appearing throughout the show regularly. He recently inherited a fortune from his father, including part of the Oak Island itself. As of 2020, Dave Blankenship’s net worth is estimatedly $8 million. Check out also the wealth of Craig Tester, Dan Blankeship, and Rick Lagina.

Career and bio

David’s age is not known but most estimates place him in his fifties. About thirty years ago, Blankenship suffered a serious working accident and as a result he has a compromised mobility in his extremities on the left side. He can still walk but the effects of this accident are noticeable still.

As one of the full-time residents on Oak Island, he is a vital part of the exploratory team searching there for ancient treasures. In 1967, his father and two other business partners formed so called Triton Alliance and purchased most of the island. They ran excavations and drill on several promising spots of their real estate property and even produced a TV show about it.

Yes, we are talking about The Curse of Oak Island. For Dave this is a part of family heritage. Even more so, now when his father died in 2019. It is not exaggerating to say, that without Blankenships, there would be no Oak Island expedition. he History channel TV show is running in its 7th season in 2020 and it attracts large numbers of viewers still. Spin-off series was also filmed.

Treasure hunters already found several valuable artifacts but Dave and the rest keep chasing after the big one. Some say, even a large part of Aztec treasure is buried somewhere on this mostly abandoned piece of land. Team has several experts in its ranks, ranging from drilling engineers to history experts. They are well equipped and determined to find a fortune.

Family – wife

Dave’s parent have been married for for incredible 72 years. In 2019, his dad Dan passed away at the age of 95 years. Dave also used to be married but there is no public information on his wife. They got divorced back in early 1970’s.

Around the same time, he decided to relocate to the island and live there full-time. As a newly single man, it was definitely easier for him than trying to convince his wife to live so far from the civilization

Dave Blankenship net worth increases over the last couple years

  • 2017: $7 million
  • 2018: $7.2 million
  • 2019: $7.5 million
  • 2020: $8 million

Sources of income, salary

Biggest Blankenship asset might be his portion of the land owned by Triton Alliance. But if you thing the boys are just waiting for the treasure to cash in, you would be wrong. They formed also Oak Island Tours and make money of tourism. Still, it was not an easy venture. For example in 1990’s, most exploration temporarily stopped because of the lack of finances and also some long legal battles.

Since his net worth is s heavily invested in the real estate properties, it is hard to gauge an exact size of it. And the success of main business plan relies on finding the treasure – which can prove fickle. We are wishing Dave and the other the best of luck though.