Janni Olsson Delér Net Worth & Bio

$1.2 million

Net Worth

Image Credit  :  Janni Delér

Born on : April 4, 1990

Birthplace : Stockholm Sweden

Janni amassed over 1.4 million subscribers and keeps documenting her luxurious vacations as well as everyday life. She also added other activities, like vlogging on YouYube platform and selling own clothing brand C’est Normal.


Image Credit  :  Janni Delér

Father : Rickard Deler

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Siblings : Leon & leia    

Husband : Jon Olsson (married in 2018)


2017: $880,000

2018: $950,000

2020: $1.2 million

2019: $1,000,000

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Janni Olssons Net Worth Increases Over the Last Years

Her social media account on Instagram and YouTube are great sources of income from advertisement.

Her YouTube channel has 378 thousand subscribers

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Deler also started her own clothing brand called C’est Normal and created a separate Instagram account for it.

Source of Income

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