Rickard Deler Net Worth & Bio

$2.2 Million

Net Worth

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Born on : October 4, 1966


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Birthplace : Stockholm, Sweden

ART Project is  his own company as he is one of two managing partners. ART Project is a Swedish company in the business of architectural and civil engineering activities and related technical consultancy.

ART Project was founded in 1972 and its annual turnover is usually around 500 thousand EUR.


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It operates as a subsidiary of Delér Holding AB. So no, you can’t buy its stocks as it is privately owned.

Deler’s passion for real estate is clearly visible on his YouTube channels where he’s sharing renovation projects with his fans.

Wife : Jessica Deler


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Siblings : Two daughters, Janni and                   Michaela, and two sons, Philip                   and Isac.

His beautiful ex-wife is a musician and also has a kid from the previous marriage.

2017: $55 million

2018: $59 million

2020: $65 million

2019: $62 million

Richerd Dealer Net Worth Increases Over the Last Years

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His real estate company

From his Instagram account, it looks like he is also running a business called Homerun Brokers which focuses on buying and selling upscale properties in Marbella, Spain.

Sources of Income

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